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The Broad Strokes 


Do you have a budget for your project?  Your budget is one of the most critical aspects of your business and/or project.  While most people have some familiarity with budgets, almost all of us cringe at the thought of creating one from scratch, and are unsure about the accuracy of our figures.  Creating, maintaining, adjusting, and staying within budget is a major source of stress for everyone – but without it, the lifeblood of any project or business is at serious risk.


The Basics to Consider 


Where do I start?  What do I include?  How detailed should it be? What is standard?  How do I figure out what numbers to use?  Are my projections realistic?  How much can I afford to spend?  How to adjust for overages and underages?  Are there any reserves?  Has menu development or product development been factored into the budget?  Has hiring and training been factored into the budget?  How to I make adjustments based on actual costs which differ from my projected figures? 

How We Can Help 


Every project or business must have a budget, and it should be custom tailored to your specific operations.  Creating budgets and projections are only part of the process – and another major factor is actually managing a budget.  We can help you create budgets, work on projections, evaluate expenditures, evaluate changes in the budget, assess the value of budgeted items, and manage budgets.  

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