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The Broad Strokes 

Is the deal we made years ago, still serving its purpose today?  Maybe its time to reorganize your business, so it can run more efficiently.  Or maybe you need to take on new investors to expand your business, or keep it afloat.  We live, and we learn.  And as time progresses, some changes may become necessary in order to keep the spirit of your business in line with where you currently may be in your life.


The Basics to Consider 

 Are your agreements with your “partners” in writing?  Are they fair?  Are you having to “cover” your partners, whether for time put into the business, or money to keep the business afloat?  How do you handle documenting your new partners’ interests and roles in the company?

How We Can Help 

 There is no “standard” as to how your business should be set up.  To avoid issues however, it is best to think though and consider the different scenarios which may play out over time, and be sure you are protecting yourself and the business.  We can help you with the broad picture, and finer details, of making sure that you have set your business the way that you need it to be, so that you and your business are properly protected. 

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