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The Broad Strokes 


Are there any honest contractors out there?  Most contractors are well-intentioned, and are not intentionally trying to screw over their clients.  But they need to be properly supervised and managed, to ensure that they stay on track.  Who you hire, and how you manage the project, can keep you within budget, allow for a realistic timeline, and save you from committing yourself to a mental institution. 


The Basics to Consider 


What experience does your contractor have in the hospitality industry?  Is your contractor licensed and insured?  Are you (and your contractor) familiar with the building codes in your area?  Did you obtain multiple bids from qualified contractors, and do you know how to compare the bids to ensure you are comparing apples to apples?  How do your contractor bids compare to general average costs per square foot to build in your area?  Have you tried to value engineer any of your plans based on contractor bids?  Does your contractor have the financial stability to complete your project?  How many other projects is your contractor currently working on?

How We Can Help 


The entire construction process can be stressful, frustrating, costly, and take much longer than anticipated.  Choosing the right contract, with the right skills, and the ability to complete your project, takes an understanding of the business, and your needs.  We have worked on small and large projects across the country, with an understanding of general principals as well as hospitality specific issues, with the ability to fully help with contractor selection, review of bids, value-engineering, and construction management.   

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