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While most industries require some minimal level of skill, prior training, educational requirements, and even licensure, the hospitality industry has no real regulation and can be pursued by anyone. For example, if you want to open a dental office, you would need to attend dental school, pass stringent exams, become licensed, and obtain practical experience. But to open a bar or restaurant, you simply need to find a location, put up the money, and pass a background check for a liquor license—no need to have been trained in hospitality, know anything about business, or even to have worked as a bartender or waiter.. This is why most bars and restaurants fail.


The hospitality world has been around for as long as human civilization. In the first cities, there were inns, taverns, places where travelers could rest, eat, drink, and socialize. And yet, there are very few standards that govern every type of venue in the hospitality industry; there is no set of procedures or rules every operator can look to for reliable guidance. While many have tried to generalize the basics, there are so many variables specific to each type of venue, each concept, and each location, that each situation must be treated independently if you want to achieve the best possible results.


Knowing how to prioritize the countless issues that arise with respect to running a venue, how to focus your energy, and what elements fall within a general norm (or fall outside of the realm of acceptability) comes from experience—substantial experience. Add to such general challenges the very specific challenges of menu development, staffing, costing, and general operations, and it is easy to see how the dream of running a successful restaurant or bar can turn into a nightmare, and how you can quickly go from being enthused about your new business to feeling isolated and overwhelmed, like you are at the bottom of a deep hole with no way out.


Whether you are done with the “corporate life,” a retiree pursuing a passion, or a corporate enterprise looking to streamline operations, Invictus Hospitality has the expertise to handle and improve all aspects of your business. We consult for hotels, restaurants, bars, lounges, nightclubs, music venues, and other retail outlets. We also provide services, from the initial stages of developing a concept for a new venue, to helping venue owners coordinate exit strategies when they decide it’s time to leave the business. Maybe you have just a general idea, and need everything done from the beginning, or have a detailed plan that you need help implementing, or a business that is failing and needs help, or a business that is doing perfectly fine but needs the push to the next level, or a business you are looking to get out of – regardless of where you are or what you wish to do, Invictus Hospitality can help you achieve your goals and resolve your problems. Our team will be there for you through it all, and for the long term.


Our goal is to help our clients fully realize their visions for their businesses. To this end, we have put together a team of professionals who understand the unique needs of every type of project within the hospitality industry. Our experienced personnel have the ability to build, develop, and improve every type of venue in the world, from the highest level hotel, restaurant, or club, to the local dive bar or neighborhood eatery.

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