Question: Do I really need a consultant?

Answer: Everyone can use help.  How much help you need, depends on your experience and how much of the work you are personally willing to do.  The toughest part of succeeding in the hospitality industry, is that most people do not know what they don’t know.  Invictus Hospitality can help you with any of the following services, and related tasks:

Project Evaluation 

Question: But what does a consultant even do?

Answer: As consultants, we use our expertise find solutions that will help you create, develop, and operate your business as efficiently as possible.  We ask the questions you do not know to ask, and work with you to come up with the answers that will prevent you from being blind-sided, and allow you to focus on what you love, so you can succeed in your business.

For example, have you thought through any of these simple questions, and how they may affect your business?

            •  What is the traffic count in front of my business?

            •  How long should my lease term be?

            •  How much rent should I pay each month?

            •  What type of permits do I need to run my business?

            •  What kind of limitations will my liquor license have on my business operations?

            •  What should my operating hours be?

            •  What development is occurring in my neighborhood?

            •  What is the target demographic for my concept?

            •  What is the demographic of the area where my business is located?

            •  How much should I charge for my drinks/food?

            •  Should I be open every day?

            •  How much staff do I need?

            •  How many staff should I schedule?

            •  How much should my labor be costing me?

            •  How much should I spend on advertising and marketing?

            •  Where should I advertise and market my business?

            •  Is the placement of my equipment within my venue allow for proper flow?

            •  What kind of music should I pay?

            •  Should I have any televisions in my venue?

            •  How much should I set aside in reserves in case of some slow times?

            •  How much should my cost of goods be?

            •  How much should I be making every month?