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The Broad Strokes 


How do you know if your concept, theme, or business idea will even work?  It’s imperative to fully evaluate your business objectively, before you spend your hard-earned money and precious time to build something that may not work. 


Whether you have come up with an entirely new idea, or enhancing something already exists, a thorough analysis will allow you to get an unbiased assessment of the positives and negatives of your idea, and how it can be potentially refined to be set up for success.  Our analysis does not automatically lead to an endorsement of our clients’ ideas, and after doing proper research and working with integrity, we will let you know if we do not believe your idea can be set up for success (or if we need to turn down future work on your project, if that means saving you money and time in the long-term). 


The Basics to Consider 


Will your concept work with the demographic of where you want to setup the venue?  Who are your competitors? What sets you apart from your competitors?  What is the concept and function of the venue?  What are your expectations of what you need to make financially? 


How We Can Help 


We have provided all types of evaluations, to all types of clients.  Makes no difference as to whether you are an individually owned businesses, or a multi-venue operator or owner.  From dive bar to hotel chains, we have worked on projects across the country, and provide an in-depth analysis of your project, so that we can all understand the details and future success of your venture. 


Passion and compatibility are of the upmost importance to us, especially before we get into the x and o’s of the technical side of things. Once we understand our client’s goals, that is when we provide a forecast of what it will take to bring a project to fruition, and to what degree the business can succeed. We also must get to know each other, and be sure we understand each other.  Its starts with the fundamentals (like budget, projections, costs, source of funds, location, leasing, menus, demographics, design, construction, operations, staffing, training, etc.).  It goes on and on, but we promise by the end of the evaluation you will have a learned in a few days what would have taken you a few years. 

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