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Michael Tipps  Co-Founder

Michael Tipps has over 26 years of experience working, managing, and consulting in all facets of the hospitality world (throughout all positions, and including hotels, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs). Michael Tipps’s Career started in Hospitality in South Florida where he worked in almost every front of the house position in the corporate food and beverage world. By the time Michael turned 19, he set his sights on New York City, and has been trailblazing ever since. Michael started behind the bar at the prestigious Tribeca Grand Hotel (Grand Life Hotels) where he consistently demonstrated his unique abilities and worked his way up – ultimately securing a managerial position at a remarkably young age, at one of the most well-known venues in Manhattan. Michael was responsible for creating multiple food and beverage programs intended to increase revenue, while also cutting costs and improving the bottom line. What Michael relished most though was the challenge of creating innovative ways to improve guest services while at the same time creating the best ways to get the most out of the staff he was responsible for.  

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By the young age of 23, Michael was fortunate enough to work with and be trained in the essentials of classic cocktails, by the person responsible for bringing the “mixology” craze back to the United States – Sasha Petraske, of Milk & Honey fame. Michael expanded his knowledge of the hospitality business by taking on the challenge of working with different types of venues, ranging from high end lounges, to boutique hotels, to nightclubs, and to dive bars. With Michael’s knowledge and experience, he soon came to realize (like many others), that New York City is the Mecca of Hospitality, and he began Consulting all over the country helping operators in less well-known markets succeed.  

Based upon Michael’s experience and expertise, Michael made appearances on Spike TV’s “Bar Rescue” as a master mixologist and bar expert, and also traveled across the country with renowned TV celebrity, John Taffer, on the “Nightclub & Bar University Rescue Tour”. Michael has also been a contributing writer, Speaker, and advisory Board member for the Nightclub & Bar Tradeshow. As Michael became involved in more complex projects, he came to realize that whether large or small, simple or complicated, the underlying issues with his suffering projects were generally very similar – especially as they related to concept creation, design, location, construction, management, operations, staff training, lighting and sound design, menu implementation, entertainment, and marketing and advertising. Fundamentally lacking in almost all instances, was perfecting the art of hospitality. As a result, Michael began developing communication techniques to not only make businesses function properly, but also, change the perspective of the ones who owned the business. 

Observing that hospitality was a key element of the hospitality industry – which was lacking in most all major markets throughout the United States – Michael co- founded Invictus Hospitality with Homan Taghdiri, and they have worked to build an unmatchable team of experienced professionals who share the same vision, as they Create Concepts, build business’s and consult on Hospitality projects throughout the United States, from boutique hotels to the everyman’s dive bar.  

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